Fight to survive for as long as you can. Wave after wave of enemies will come for you. Upgrade yourself after each wave to increase your range, damage, ability power and more to improve your odds of survival.

Highly recommended that you download instead of playing in the browser.

Created for the fifth #gbjam.

Start is ENTER.

W and S to move forward and back.

A and D to rotate left and right.

Hold P to use your basic attack.

L to unleash your super when charged, dealing massive damage to enemies within range.

Find me on twitter! @D0UBLEJUMP


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The Pit - 24 MB
The Pit - 23 MB
The Pit - 37 MB
The Pit - 36 MB


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Graphics are good but the Gameplay needed more deepth. And i should not be able as player to fall of this is not so funny