After crashing onto the Moon you'll need to modify the satellite uplink to call down a return vehicle from the destroyed orbiter.

Press E to start from the menu

E to interact with objects
I to bring up your inventory/objectives (collected items will be green)
O to bring up collected ID tags
M to mute the sound of air hissing

You'll need the wrench to override locked airlock panels.

1 to increase resolution
2 to decrease resolution
3 to toggle fullscreen
4 to toggle pixelating filter
0 to reset resolution

Resolution can only be toggled in the desktop builds.

This was created for #LOWREZJAM.


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return 28 MB
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Very interesting game, really liking the atmosphere. However, seems that the X key (on your keyboard) will alternate all unlocked doors between opened/closed state, regardless of your distance to them.

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Oops, and that is why you must check your testing controls...